About The Vineyard Press

The Vineyard Press, Ltd was established in 1998 when there were already many small publishing companies. Some were excellent, but others were more like vanity presses. We are not! Our standards are high, and we only publish books that meet those standards. We do not take money from our authors. In fact, we pay the authors royalties and require a standard contract recommended by The Authors' Guild. The Vineyard Press is an offspring of our very own periodical, The Mediterranean Review, in which we published such authors as Anthony Burgess, Tennessee Williams, Robert Graves, Galway Kinnell, Colin Wilson, and Alfred Kazin. Our “International Review of Literature and Art” was too expensive to survive. Some time after we stopped publication we decided to begin The Vineyard Press. It has proven to be very successful. We publish fiction and nonfiction of various kinds, as well as poetry, and art books in color. Our titles are described in this catalog, along with biographies and photographs of the authors.

-Robert DeMaria, Publisher