bleecker street blues
Robert DeMaria

The time is 1920. The place is Greenwich Village in New York City. John Ballard is a young reporter for the New York Herald.  His assignment is the trial of Sacco and Vanzetti, two Italian immigrants accused of killing two guards during a payroll robbery in Massachusetts. The Attorney General is determined to stamp out all left-wing organizations. The Russian Revolution has taken place in 1917. Communism is spreading. Anarchists are demonstrating violently. Add prohibition and mob wars and you have “the Roaring Twenties.”  We follow the adventures of John and his Irish friend Sean in their public roles and private lives, which include the daughters of a prominent politician.

1-930067-75-0 • $19.95

Claire Nicolas White

After  many years as a poet, Claire White continues to improve. Her voice is genuine. Her rhythms are true. Her subjects are, inevitably, nostalgic and sometimes mournful. We are utterly convinced by her feelings. There are no hollow sounds of sadness. She is a "masterful poet," says Daniel Thomas Morn.

ISBN: 1-939967-69-0  • $19.95

The Elephant and the Rose: A Family History by Claire Nicolas White

Lorraine Duffy Merkl

Fat Chick or Skinny Bitch? These have always been the only options for advertising Account Executive, Trish Collins, who desperately needs to find some middle ground with her weight as well as in her life. When we meet her, Trish has lost a promotion to a "model" colleague, Chelsea. Literally coming apart at the seams, Trish decides to commit once again to a diet. She begins to lose weight only to find that she is also losing her humanity.

ISBN: 978-1-930067-70-7  • $19.95

The Elephant and the Rose: A Family History by Claire Nicolas White

Ross Abrams

During WWII, Ross Abrams served in the U.S. Army infantry in Italy, where the Germans took over when the Italian military collapsed. He kept a diary that filled several notebooks. After the war he put them all together to create a valuable document. In his opening entry he says, “I hope it shows how a battalion functions in combat situations...” It also shows how careful, intelligent and brave he himself was. He was wounded three times and awarded many decorations. In later years he passed the diary on to his grandson, who passed it on to The Vineyard Press. After the war, Ross studied art in New York and then overseas with the help of a Guggenheim Fellowship. He and his wife Mary Tatum, also an artist, settled down on the island of Mallorca in Spain and raised a family there. They never returned to the United States.

ISBN: 978-1-930067-77-6 • $19.95

The Elephant and the Rose: A Family History by Claire Nicolas White

Robert J. Alexander

Robert J. Alexander served in the U.S. Air Force in England. After the war he was a significant scholar and member of a task force on Latin American affairs. He taught at Rutgers University for half a century. In his scholarly years he was a prolific writer on many subject, but especially Latin America. His collection of interviews is a unique and important source for research. In this small volume he takes up a large subject:  Who were the greatest American Presidents?  He is bold in his definition of greatness, and liberal in his political views. He includes Lyndon Johnson in his list of the four greatest presidents. The others are Washington, Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

ISBN: 1-930067-72-0 • $19.95

The Elephant and the Rose: A Family History by Claire Nicolas White

THE TIME IN TAVEL, a sojourn in Provence
Brewster Chamberlin

This book is one of several in which Brewster Chamberlin celebrates his interesting and colorful life, a life of literature and art and good food in various countries. One of his great pieces of buona fortuna consists of the 14 months he spent with Lynn-Marie Smith in a small village in the South of France 15 kilometers northwest of the old walled city of Avignon during the years 1982-1983. The Time in Tavel is the story of those deeply enriching and adventurous months in a landscape both enchanted and occasionally dangerous, filled with the wildly magical scenes Van Gogh, Lawrence Durrell and other painters and writers have  so vividly captured in their Provence-inspired work.

ISBN: 1-930067-74-5 • $24.00

The memory house
Lucia Graves

This is a brilliant novel from Lucia Graves, daughter of Robert Graves. She is also the author of A Woman Unknown, a highly acclaimed autobiography. The Memory House deals with love and death in fifteenth century Spain, during the great Jewish Exile, when the Jews were forced to convert or leave. Two lovers are separated because one Jewish family decides to stay and convert, and the other decides to leave Spain forever. This is an epic drama of persecution and forced migration.

ISBN: 1-930067-17-8   Hardcover: $29.95 • ISBN: 1- 90067-14-3  Paperback: $19.95

The Elephant and the Rose: A Family History by Claire Nicolas White

John Akins

A brilliant account of the bloodiest action in the Vietnam War, where the author
was a front-line marine. He went deep into the heart of darkness, "beyond good and evil, beyond fear, beyond sex and death, into the dark interior of the human mind and soul." He became detached, addicted to danger and violence. His country turned him into a killer. Adjusting to civilized society was almost impossible when he returned.

ISBN: 1-930067-38-0 • $19.95

The Elephant and the Rose: A Family History by Claire Nicolas White

The Elephant and the Rose: A Family History
Claire Nicolas White

"It all began in the square of a town called St. Trond in the province of Limburg. Two prosperous businesses stood there next to each other, a wholesale grocery called The Elephant and a dry goods store called The Rose. How The Elephant married The Rose will be the beginning of my family history. What made the beautiful four daughters of my grandmother marry writers, poets, and artists? How did their fortunes get dispersed during the two world wars that devastated their country and made them spread out over the world?" The country was Belgium. The time was the early part of the twentieth century. The writers included Aldous Huxley (married to the author’s aunt),  and the artists included the author’s father Joep Nicolas. This is a wonderful account of a fascinating family that reflects a dramatic period in history.

ISBN:  1-930067-28-3 • $19.95

The Elephant and the Rose: A Family History by Claire Nicolas White

Mark Saba

A poetic story in which the main character, Nick Pater, has recurrent dreams of his Mediterranean roots, and searches through friends and relatives for clues to his identity, his true self. His father died when he was very young, but Nick cannot escape from this male image. Nick ends up taking a trip to Sardinia, where he discovers his roots and finds the answers to many questions about himself.

ISBN:  1-930067-34-8 • $19.95

THE WOMAN IN THE RIVER: A case of abortion
James McKinley

The time was the 1940’s. The body of a woman was found floating in the Missouri River. The police investigation showed that she was Millie Benton, 19, of Omaha, Nebraska. There were no bruises and no signs of physical abuse, but there was evidence of a recent abortion. The coroner called it “death by peritonitis and exsanguination,” both resulting from the abortion, which was illegal in those days. Dr. Jerome Henderson was accused of the crime. Years later, his grandson decides to go back in time to burrow more completely into the incident. The result is a powerful exploration of a complicated case by veteran writer James McKinley.

ISBN:  1-930067-26-7 • $19.95

Robert Goulet

These tales are written in a simple but literary narrative style suitable for the peasant background. Fornalutx is a mountain village on the island of Mallorca in Spain. Goulet captures the magic and mystery of  this place in the Mediterranean. The longest of the tales is about a house that has a curse put on it by an angry woman.

ISBN:  1-930067-43-7 • $19.95

Difficult Women
Alfred Duhrssen

Difficult Women is a novel that blends autobiography and fiction. The blend casts a brilliant light on relationships between men and women. In this case most of the relationships involve the central character and the women in his life, almost all of them “difficult” for one reason or another. Several decades ago, Duhrssen wrote a startling book in this same style, a blend of fact and fiction. He called it a “novel.” Memoir of an Aged Child was highly praised by Martin Levin in the New York Times Book Review.

ISBN:  1-930067-24-0  Hardcover • $19.95

Alfred Duhrssen

This novel is autobiographical, but also a work of fiction. The experiences of a child are captured through the eyes of that child and narrated by him when he is a man. It is a difficult task, but brilliantly carried out here in a style that is haunting and poetic. Critics such as Martin Levin responded with praise: “Through vision, fantasy, and stunningly vivid shards of reality, there is assembled the mosaic of a personality.”  ––New York Times Book Review

ISBN:  1-930067-43-7 • $19.95

Jeffery J. Bartone

A postmodern novel about a writer who is hired to write the life story of his best friend, who is a famous poet from Pennsylvania. Their adventures together provide the reader with much amusement and with vivid illustrations of what is meant by post-modernism.

ISBN:  1-930067-29-1 • $19.95

Kate Emburg and Michael Cornelius

“A wickedly delicious parody of Nancy Drew, for mature audiences only.”  
— L.J. Singleton, author of the Regeneration series.

“Kate and Michael’s Susan Slutt saga takes the best and worst of series books and combines them in an amusing and ironic parody that will be enjoyed by any series book fan!”  
—Jenifer Fisher, Nancy Drew researcher, writer, and historian, and president of The Sleuths, a Nancy Drew fan club.

ISBN:  1-930067-30-5 • $19.95

Mark McShane

A long overdue novel about the realities of Gypsy life at a time when modern changes are threatening the ancient Romany traditions. All romantic notions are put to rest as firmly as are the racist negatives. The plot revolves around the quest for the fourth nail made for the crucifixion of Christ. Three were used. One was kept and passed down from hand to hand. McShane is a master of suspense and the author of many novels.

, ISBN 1-930067-19 Hardcover • $29.95 • ISBN:1-930067-15 Paperback • $19.95

Brewster Chamberlin

Brewster Chamberlin has traveled extensively in Mediterranean countries, especially Greece, where he is on the faculty of the Durrell School of Corfu. This book contains a variety of pieces written over a period of many years, stories, poems,  essays, all of which pertain to the Mediterranean region. These pieces cover not only erudite matters, but appreciations of good food and fine wine. Excellent reading for the sophisticated  traveler.

ISBN: 1-930067-39-9  • $19.95

The Elephant and the Rose: A Family History by Claire Nicolas White

Brewster Chamberlin

“A walk with Brewster Chamberlin along the boulevards, byways, and quais of Paris is a magical journey, in time as much as in space, grounded on the author’s lifetime of European travels. He has a genius for nosing out the secluded bistro with an excellent cellar, a place where Baudelaire sipped absinthe, surely. And he takes his readers with him on these literary and epicurean rambles in graceful and witty prose.” —Ian MacNiven

ISBN: 1-930067-16-X • $19.95

Clinton W. Trowbridge

This memoir of Groton in the ‘forties is a humorous, touching, and vivid glimpse into the lives of the students, one of whom is the author, who entered at the age of twelve and graduated at eighteen. It is a portrait of a whole way of life and of the war years. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was the most famous graduate of this austere and puritanical boarding school. The experience of the emergence of a boy into manhood is brilliantly described by Trowbridge, who is also the author of The Crow Island Journal and other books.

, ISBN 1-930067-13-5 • $19.95

Theodore Buzzeo

Theodore was sixteen when he came to America from a peasant village in Italy. He died in 1997 at the age of ninety-two. These remarkable memoirs reveal that Theodore was not merely a poor Italian peasant, but an extraordinary man. He was a young rebel, a laborer, a truck driver, a boxer, a professional hunter, a businessman and a butcher. He knew all about opera and trained hunting dogs. His colorful English is laced with Italian expressions.

ISBN: 1-930067-08-9 • $19.95

Clinton Trowbridge

This is the true story of the 26-year romance between a family in Maine and their 34-foot catboat. There are many amusing and perilous moments, ashore as well as at sea. In the preface the author says: “As I look back at the early ‘fifties, when we bought the Scatt II, the boat described in these pages, what sticks out is the remarkable innocence of the times. Youth always thinks it will live forever, but not usually with such conviction and consequent abandon.” It is a “charming memoir, frequently hair-raising and often funny.”
—Mary Grace Butler, Wooden Boat

ISBN:  1-930067-02-X • $19.95

Michael G.Cornelius

A powerful first novel with much to say about gay men, love, sex, religion, and spirituality, It is filled with everyday characters and angels on high. Its theme is that we can achieve a full sense of existence only through love of ourselves and of each other.

ISBN:  1-930067-03-8 • $19.95

Robert Goulet

The narrator of this novel is a writer who falls in love with a girl who is innocent and much younger than he is. The setting is the exotic island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean. The girl is described as follows: “The moment you saw Puri you knew she was not like the other girls of Fornalutx, and you wondered how she happened to be living here, what would become of her in this village. Indeed, so striking was the girl that you instinctively lifted her out of the commonplace and into the intimacy of impossible dreams, those dark regions of untold longings where each man has his goddess, a secret passion.” Goulet’s first novel, The Violent Season, got a rave review in the New York Sunday Times


ISBN: 1-930067-23-2 • $19.95

Robert Goulet

Robert Goulet’s memoir of his early years might be called A Portrait of the Artist as a Young French-Canadian. It could be the best book ever written about coming of age in French Canada. Goulet grew up in the timberland of Quebec in a thoroughly French society, complete with the violence of the lumberjacks, the harshness of the winters, and the discipline of the Catholic Church. It was a difficult atmosphere for a sensitive child hungry for love and eager to learn. His emergence into manhood at the end is a real triumph.

ISBN:  1-930067-10-0 • $19.95


Robert Goulet

These tales are written in a simple but literary narrative style suitable for the peasant background. Fornalutx is a mountain village on the island of Mallorca in Spain. Goulet captures the magic and mystery of  this place in the Mediterranean. The longest of the tales is about a house that has a curse put on it by an angry woman.

ISBN:  1-930067-11-9 • $19.95

Robert Goulet

This is the true story of Robert Goulet’s breakdown and his commitment to a local insane asylum in the city of Palma on the island of Mallorca. He describes the inherited insanity in his family and his fear of going mad. “Besides presenting a taut, terrifying picture of his experiences in the hospital, the book describes with compassion and clarity the plight of other inmates, young and old.”
–– Publishers Weekly

ISBN:  1-930067-12-7 • $19.95

Ellen Hope Meyer

Maxine, a brilliant, beautiful and arrogant artist, is dying of cancer and decides to invite various friends to be present at her theatrical suicide on the Spanish island of Mallorca, where she has an elegant old house. She includes her ex-husband Ben and his new wife. She has promised them the house if they stay with her until she dies. She has made similar promises to the others. This is a literary novel with a wonderful cast of eccentric characters and great suspense.

ISBN:  1-930067-01-1 • $19.95

Ellen Hope Meyer

A love affair and a courtroom drama that involves the problem of medical malpractice. Beautiful Zoe Carter is a brilliant young actress on the brink of great success when she has a waterskiing accident and is paralyzed. She is operated on by Dr. Barney Lukacs, a renowned surgeon, who falls in love with his patient. Unscrupulous lawyers and insurance companies force Zoe to sue the doctor, who is the only one that she can trust. What follows is a suspenseful drama with dangerous consequences.

ISBN:  0-9673334-3-1 • $19.95

[original publisher in brackets]

bleecker street blues
Robert DeMaria

The time is 1920. The place is Greenwich Village in New York City. John Ballard is a young reporter for the New York Herald.  His assignment is the trial of Sacco and Vanzetti, two Italian immigrants accused of killing two guards during a payroll robbery in Massachusetts. The Attorney General is determined to stamp out all left-wing organizations. The Russian Revolution has taken place in 1917. Communism is spreading. Anarchists are demonstrating violently. Add prohibition and mob wars and you have “the Roaring Twenties.”  We follow the adventures of John and his Irish friend Sean in their public roles and private lives, which include the daughters of a prominent politician.

1-930067-75-0 • $19.95

Robert DeMaria

In this Beat Generation novel, Mario, a college student, rebels angrily against all conventions and rituals. He is at odds with his parents, leaves Columbia College, and goes aimlessly down into Harlem, where he has a series of exciting and dangerous encounters with the underworld. He rejects the academic world for the more passionate world, but the danger catches up with him. His relationship with an English Professor and a beautiful girl reflects this dichotomy. “DeMaria tells his story with considerable skill.” —Granville Hicks, Saturday Review

ISBN:  0-9673334-7-4 • $19.95

DON JUAN IN LOURDES [St.Martin’s Press]
Robert DeMaria

 A writer and his blind friend go on a drunken pilgrimage to Lourdes to find out whether or not the blindness can be cured by faith. They are torn between flirtations with spiritual convictions and a variety of sins that include drinking and women. One of the people they meet is a drunken priest who says he has lost his faith. The writer refuses to go through with the Catholic ritual and drives off into the Pyrenees. He has his own problems with a failed marriage, though he is still in love with wife Maggie. “What Hemingway did for the twenties in The Sun Also Rises, DeMaria does here for the ‘sixties.” —Anthony Burgess

ISBN: 0-9673334-0-7 • $19.95

clodia [St.Martin’s Press]
Robert DeMaria

A novel about the famous love affair in ancient Rome between the poet Catullus and the infamous courtesan Clodia. The young poet Catullus comes down from Verona to make his mark in the larger world of Rome. He meets many poets and artists as well as some remarkable women, among them Clodia, who is eleven years older than he is. She is from the most famous family in the Empire. She is rich and beautiful and ruthless. She collects handsome men for her amusement. She is also brilliant, well versed in seven languages. Gradually, Catullus realizes his predicament. He writes love poems about her that remain vivid and relevant today. A tragic ending is inevitable. “The stunning novel that emerges casts a glittering light on our day.” —Charles Poore, New York Times

ISBN: 0-9673334-4-X • $19.95

[Saturday Review Press]
Robert DeMaria

On a huge stage we see the satirical decline of America during the upheavals that have been described as the Second American Revolution. There are anti-war demonstrations and marches against racial segregation. Democracy is threatened and all hell seems about to break loose. In this setting a broad comedy takes place. A very wealthy old man calls his huge family together to celebrate his 100th birthday. But a rebellious segment of that family, “the Cambridge Five,” plot to destroy them all in order to be the only ones left to inherit the great fortune. Everything happens in this novel. “There’s hardly a writer around who can be as incisive and hilarious as DeMaria.”
—Penthouse Magazine

ISBN: 0-9673334-6-6 • $19.95

TO BE A KING [Bobbs-Merrill]
Robert DeMaria

A biographical novel about Christopher Marlowe, who was born the same year as Shakespeare. They knew each other in London, but Marlowe was a famous playright at the age of twenty-two and Shakespeare was a late bloomer. Marlowe was brilliant but also notorious, an atheist and homosexual. A government spy and a rebel. His lover and patron was Thomas Walsingham, a cousin of Queen Elizabeth’s secretary of state. Marlowe’s reckless behavior eventually got him into fatal trouble. He was murdered in a tavern at the age of 29. “This book is filled with poetry and wit, excitement and suspense, beauty and ugliness.” —George Oppenheimer, Newsday

ISBN: 0-9673334-5-8 • $19.95

An Italian-American saga that covers three generations of the Adamo family from 1880 to 1948. It is not just a Mafia tale; it is the whole story of those who left the old country for the new world. We follow them through all the major events that involved Italian immigrants: wars, revolutions, the Sacco-Vanzetti Case, the great textile strike of 1912, Mafia violence and political campaigns. “DeMaria is masterly in his handling of the big, graphic scenes.”
—Michael Kenyon, Southampton Press.

ISBN: 1-930067-63-1 • $29.95

secret places [jove books]
Robert DeMaria

Oldport is a town full of ghosts and rum-running and strange characters. It was one of the earliest settlements on Long Island, a busy port in whaling days. Behind the facade of an ordinary village we find violence and corruption. A son comes back to confront his father. Strange things happen in the haunted old boat sheds along the disintegrating docks, where a prophet-like drunk staggers around and talks to himself. The author lived for a long time in the town that inspired this novel.

ISBN: 1-930067-40-2 • $19.95

my Secret childhood [vineyard]
Robert DeMaria

The author recalls his childhood in the Italian part of East Harlem during the Great Depression and World War II. In the midst of poverty and violence, driven by fear and rage, he plans to escape. His memory is sharp. His narration is full of insight and very moving. His father died at the age of 30, during Prohibition and because of the toxic booze. Before his death, the family, a mother and three small children, got no assistance and often went without meals and waited on bread lines and outside garbage bins at the public market. They were repeatedly dispossessed from apartments in Harlem because they could not pay the rent. The author was four years old when his father died in Bellevue Hospital. It was 1933, the heart of the Depression. After that the family lived on a meagre Veteran’s pension. This memoir is a vivid example of what can happen during a depression in America.

ISBN: 1-930067-42-9 • $19.95

the white road [Permanent Press]
Robert DeMaria

This novel is about the adventures and love affairs of four close friends during the ‘fifties, as the setting moves from East Hampton to New York to Paris. A young man whose father was in the Merchant Marine in WW II falls in love with the beautiful daughter of wealthy parents in East Hampton. Amelia says of herself, “Everything I touch turns to gin and tonic.” Her friend Lucinda goes off to a kibbutz in Israel. And Billy Roamer, the clammer, winds up as the roommate of Brandon Wyler, who is a young Oscar Wilde. Their lives are intertwined against a background of history: the Cold War, McCarthyism, the Rosenberg executions, and the Algerian war.

ISBN: 1-930067-62-3 • $19.95

the satyr [Bobbs-Merrill]
Robert DeMaria

A satyr is a mythological creature, half man, half goat, who is driven by strong sexual desires. The term is often used to describe a human being with such compulsions. The main character in this novel is afflicted in this way, though he looks like an ordinary person, handsome and successful. He confesses in the first paragraph that he has decided to kill his wealthy mother and marry his virgin fiancé. He gets hopelessly and comically involved in his sexual obsessions and other psychological problems. There are deep questions of identity, and an ending that it’s impossible to predict. There is also a complex Hamlet frame of reference. “A very amusing, intellectual thriller,” said Julian Symons in The Sunday London Times.

ISBN: 1-930067-61-5 • $19.95

Robert DeMaria

This is the story of Kathleen Kennedy and her struggle to live her own life her own way, in spite of enormous pressures from her parents and the rest of the clan. She first went to England in 1938 when her father, Joseph P. Kennedy became the Ambassador to the Court of St. James. She made her debut that year and was selected as the most popular debutante of the season. Her story falls into two parts: her forbidden marriage to the Marquess of Hartington, son of the Duke and Dutchess of Devonshire; and her fatal affair with Earl Peter Fitzwilliam, one of the wealthiest men in Britain, who was already married to the heiress of the Guiness fortune. Through WWII and a few of the post-war years, we watch the tragedy unfold.

ISBN: 1-930067-41-0 Paperback $19.95 •. ISBN 1-930067-20-8 Hardcover $24.95

outbreak [jove books]
Robert DeMaria

A mysterious sickness (like legionnaire’s disease) breaks out in a large hotel where the Guardians of America are holding their convention. The incident is linked to a military coup. High-ranking officers in this organization are planning to take over the country and establish a dictatorship, on the grounds that democracy has failed. The conspiracy is gradually discovered and linked with the epidemic.

ISBN: 0-9673334-9-0 • $19.95

blowout [jove books]
Robert DeMaria

A rich oil family builds a giant platform to drill for oil off Long Island. Environmentalists demonstrate against the risks of blowouts, spills, and fires. All this is a background for a complicated human drama, a failed marriage, a love affair, a dominant father and his children and eventually, violence and destruction. A look into the world of big oil and its battle with environmentalists.

ISBN: 0-9673334-8-2 • $19.95

the empress [jove books]
Robert DeMaria

A novel about Agrippina, third wife of the Emperor Claudius, and mother of Nero. Agrippina was one of those notorious and powerful women of ancient Rome whose reputations have lasted two thousand years. She was the sister of Caligula. She committed adultery, incest and murder before her son had her killed.

ISBN:  1-930067-05-4 • $19.95

A PASSION  FOR  POWER [Ballantine]
Robert DeMaria

An old publishing company, controlled by one family, tries to ward off a hostile takeover by an aggressive holding company that knows nothing about books. When George McLain dies, his young and beautiful daughter takes over as C.E.O. This novel is not only about greed and ambition, it is about a daughter and father, and about a woman who tries to assert herself in a male domain.

ISBN: 1-930067-04-6 • $19.95

Robert DeMaria

Lady Macbeth was a real person, married and with a son before she married Macbeth, who ruled well for 17 years in Scotland. Shakespeare’s account of the murder of Duncan is good drama but not very good history. Duncan was killed in a battle against his cousins, Macbeth and Thorfinn. Lady Macbeth was the granddaughter of King Kenneth III and her son had a claim to the throne. Shakespeare probably adjusted history to please King James, son of Mary Queen of Scots.

ISBN: 1-930067-06-2 • $19.95

blood of the hunter [vineyard]
Robert DeMaria

Six women from New York are lost in a blizzard near the Canadian border. They are helped by a mysterious hunter who might prove to be their savior or their killer. This is a literary thriller that deals with a variety of contemporary issues.

ISBN: 1-930067-46-1 • $19.95

shadow world [vineyard]
Robert DeMaria

There is an old theory that the planet Earth has a twin planet somewhere in the universe. The government has launched a secret journey through many dimensions to locate the parallel planet, which might provide survival from doomsday conditions on Earth. This is a novel of ideas by the author of The Decline and Fall of America.

ISBN: 1-930067-57-7 • $19.95

A selection of poetry by Robert DeMaria, personal, satirical and political. In the ‘seventies DeMaria was owner and publisher of The Mediterranean Review, and has been involved for many years with American expatriates living in Europe, especially Spain. He has a house in Mallorca where he spends a good part of each year. He has published material from such writers as Anthony Burgess, Tennessee Williams, Paul Bowles, Charles Bukowski, Alfred Kazin, Gallway Kinnell, and Pablo Neruda. As the Academic Dean of the New School for Social Research he built a strong program in writing and literature.

ISBN: 1-930067-49-6 • $19.95

[a new series in color]

Leila Ward

From a very early age, Leila was interested in painting. She was also interested in traveling. She followed her instinct and did both, indoors and outdoors, in the real world and fantasy world. She absorbed the cultures in which she traveled and was deeply influenced by them. This influence is very clear in her work.

ISBN: 1-930067-60-7 • $29.95

SELECTED works by

eat my feet and call me short
Niko DeMaria
Designed with Natasha W. Commander

The first collection of the paintings of a unique artist whose work has appeared in Europe and the United States. He works with a variety of materials and produces a pastiche that adds up to a unified chaos, often with a humorous theme.

ISBN: 1-1-930067-48-8 • $29.95


SELECTED works by

Niko DeMaria
Designed with Natasha W. Commander

Collage is defined as “an artistic arrangement of fragments.”  Niko DeMaria goes beyond the usual collage. His compositions are complex and full of references to modern as well as classical works of art and literature. There is considerable humor in his creations.

ISBN   1-930067-65-3 • $29.95


SELECTED works by

Horror Vacui
Niko DeMaria
Designed with Natasha W. Commander

This is Niko's most elaborate book yet, introducing some new work as well as pushing his new website: www.nikoartifacts.com.

ISBN: 1-930067-65-8 • $29.95

From West Meadow Beach to Mt. Sinai Harbor
Fran Zak

Long Island, New York, is one of the most populated seaside areas in the United States. It extends from the East River to Montauk Point, a distance of about 120 miles. The South Shore is well known for its beaches on the Atlantic ocean, which are beautiful and dramatic. The North Shore waterviews are lesser known but just as beautiful. Fran Zak has explored these parts of the North Shore for many years, especially the inlets, bays. lakes and harbors of the area from West Meadow Beach to  Mt. Sinai Harbor. Included are Stony Brook Harbor, Crane’s Neck, Flax Pond, Conscience Bay, Melville Park, Setauket Harbor, Poquott, Port Jefferson Harbor, and Cedar Beach. She has captured the character of these places in her paintings and photographs. Her main interest is not geography or history; it is art, and Nature as the ultimate artist.

ISBN:  978-1-930067-80-6 • $24.95